Tips On Logo Design – How To Create Your Company Logo

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Tips On Logo Design – How To Create Your Company Logo

Your Logo is the face of your company. Since a logo is the first point of contact with the world, it plays a major role in how your brand is perceived. With your logo, using just a symbol and some text you would be conveying who you are, what you do and how you do it. A well-designed logo can help take your company to the next level. Here are a few tips on Logo Design, that can help you design the perfect logo for your company.

  1. Know your Brand Identity : Every brand has its own personality. Having a clear understanding of this personality can help you figure out what exactly it is about the brand that you want people to associate with. In order to create a logo that accurately defines your brand, you need to have a clear understanding of what your brand’s personality is. The brand personality can be accurately defined by answering some of these questions –  What makes your brand unique? What are its core values and beliefs? What does your brand do better than others? Once you have a clear understanding of what your brand personality is, you can work on design choices that go with this personality, enhances it and gives life to it. 
  2. Research Your Competitors : Having a good knowledge of what’s already out there can go a long way in helping your business. Checking out your audience can help you get better clarity on what works and what does not work. It can also give you ideas on what you need to avoid and how you can do things better. Knowing about your competitors can also help you understand how you are different from them so that you can emphasise on these differences in your logo design. The aim is to make yourself stand out from your competitors. 
  3. Let the Picture Talk : The logo represents your brand visually.  So the best thing to do would be to show people what your brand is about, through your logo. Using simple icons to communicate who you are can also make a great logo. Designers often use visual puns to make this technique much more interesting and witty. Thus making the logo a memorable one. Moreover, these images can be used to make people feel the vibe of your brand. 
  4. Try to be Literal : Have you considered creating a  logo that literally depicts what your company is about? If your company’s name is a thing, make that thing your logo. Sometimes it really is that simple. The popular brand Apple’s logo is an apple for a reason. Sometimes leaning into the obvious too can help you make a greater impact and take your company to greater heights. So make your logo literally represent what your company does 
  5. Know your Colours : As per colour psychology, each colour has a unique meaning behind it and different colours evoke different emotions in people. Having a proper understanding of this can help you win the logo game. Choosing the right colours is again dependent on your brand personality. Bright and bold colours can be attention-grabbing but softer tones speak of sophistication. The key is to find the right colours that convey the message that your brand aims to convey. 
  6. Typography Matters : Typography is an essential part of any Logo and acts as a key design element. It is the art of arranging letters and text in an interesting and appealing manner. When used wisely, it can help depict the feel and personality of your brand. The right use of typography helps you send out the right message to your audience. You can effectively use the art of typography to bring robustness, softness, humour and other aspects to your logo. 
  7. Keep it Simple and Flexible : The logo needs to be interesting, but not such that people need to stare at for hours to make sense of it. The key is to balance simple and quirky. You need to keep in mind that your logo works great on different backgrounds as well, such as apps, icons, prints etc and must be flexible in size. Additionally, your logo should be such that it is relevant even after a few years. However, it should have the possibility to last through ages, but that does not mean you can’t bring small modifications along the way.

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